Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fake Email

Just now, i got an email from fake "Yahoo Fraud Prevention Team" :

Dear Yahoo Member:

This email was sent to you from our secure
Yahoo server to verify your informations

As there was an error logons to your account on
11.07.2006{2:15 P.m}

For security reasons,your access to online yahoo
has been suspended.

If you fail to verify and re-confirm your membership details
your online Yahoo account will be BLOCKED!

*WARNING*:Please Keep Your Details Secret and Safe.

To verify your account please

Login :
Password :
Old password :
New Password :
Code Security :
Full Name :
Address :

Replay Fast with real account and your info in 24 hour

Security Password,

Yahoo Fraud Prevention Team
Yahoo Groups.

Email :

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As you have known, Yahoo never suspend their customer's account just because they have an error while logging in (it's a common mistake to make errors, such as typo, forgot to turn off CAPS LOCK, etc). And the other mistakes made by the sender is that he/she was sending this email to (my alias for local OOo Documentation Project). I never put this email on my Yahoo email list, so this is trully a social engineering efforts, but sorry dude, it's not working for me :D

Please be carefull when you receive this kind of email message also.