Sunday, March 18, 2007

Linux on Axioo Laptops

My uncle just bought a new laptop and by default, it was installed by Mandriva Linux which has been modified by the Axioo Team. I was surprised when i see the configuration, since it's already very complete (using SMP kernel to support dual core, ACPI modules for laptop, including batteries monitoring, bluetooth, multimedia, and many more. They even modify the boot loader with Axioo's background and they provide a nice desktop wallpaper by default. The distro is based on Mandriva Linux 2007.0, using 2.6.17 kernel if i'm not mistaken and it was great.

I hope many other vendor will dare to do the same thing as Axioo did by providing a pre-installed Linux-based operating system on their products in the future.


  1. Unfortunetely, Axioo is NOT a good notebook. It has no sufficient heat exhaust so it become very hot when you work with it.

  2. well, i'm not the person who bought this laptop, but in my opinion, it's quite nice (my point of view is not about the heat exhaust, but the compatibility with Linux)

  3. With current notebooks, I think it's hard to find one that's not hot. It's just the processors are too hot, and with notebook's limited space, it's really hard to dissolve the heat properly.

    btw; way to go Axioo ! Hopefully you won't get penalized by Microsoft for this.

  4. yup, because the dimension / size of the laptops are getting smaller and smaller

    btw, why Axioo will be penalized by Microsoft? I don't get it

  5. Anonymous10:10 AM

    What type of the Axioo u buy (I meant the model)? I have plan to buy Axioo and still gather more info. I plan to buy model VL724P. And I think your post is valuable for me. Thank you

  6. it's not mine, but my uncle's
    He bought Centaur Series

  7. In some way even if Axioo does produce too much heat when working, due to it has no sufficient heat exaust, still with the idea of pre-installing linux-based operating system, is quite good. Most laptops and notebooks have windows installed, and mac has it's own technology, that we can't deny that is also good. But for those people who wants to use linux based laptops, this is a great treat.

  8. Since Linux has became one of the most used OS for home users, i guess this idea was great and i dare to write it on my blog.

    I was hoping that this idea can be followed by other vendor as well.

  9. they provide customized Mandriva Linux and it's great.

    Thanks, i will read your reviews

  10. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I am gathering info pertaining this laptop coz i have plan to buy it too. the seller said this is made in Indonesia, so it is time to be proud of our own product, ofcourse final decision will be quality. i have read an european wrote this on website : hello

    I recently had one of these not so well known notebook Axioo
    (indonesian brand) in my hands and well i liked it :-)

    now im trying to find out where i could get one of those notebooks in
    europe.. ?
    maybe they have another brand name here or in the USA ?

    You guys.... do you have suggestion ?

  11. I think it's only distributed for Indonesia, but you can ask them for more information about that.

  12. thanks for the info :-)

    i'm thinking bout buying axioo notebook n sure enough, ur post helps my consideration..

  13. i m using fedora in my axioo :D

    i have some awesome computer ebooks from my college, you can download them from

  14. I am using IGN2009. It's modification of fedora. But I can't change screen resolution above 800x600. Could somebody help me to solve it? Thanks before

  15. I am using IGN2009 on Axioo laptop. It's modification of fedora. But I can't change screen resolution above 800x600. Could somebody help me to solve it? Thanks before