Monday, December 20, 2004

Back to Home Town

Today is 20 of December, that means, five days to Christmas and also 12 days to New Years, a moment that has been long waited by many people, including my friends and my relatives, since we had a change to meet up together and have our reunion at the end of year. Some friends of mine will be back to their home town (Jogja) at 23, and some of them will come at 26.

Unfortunately, i have to go to Sarangan at 26 until 28 December with all my relatives and we will have our holidays in a cool place. We are planning to have some barbeque party which is suitable for a cool place. There will be an annual year meeting in DeBritto, my senior high school, but i will not make it, since i will arrive at 28, but the event will be held at 8.00 AM. Sorry guys....

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