Saturday, December 11, 2004

Grade Marks

Up until now, i have know some of my marks, even though it is not officially published, but i can guess some of them (and some of them has been published by the lecturer). I got an A on Compiler and CCNA (this two subjects has published their score updates) and the rest hasn't, but i can predict that i have a possibility to get a perfect score this semester (4,0).

The fastest grade comes from CCNA, which is A, and the second one is compiler, that was published few hours after our final test and i got 92 out of 100. For the robotics, i got 91 on the mid test, and 85 on the final test, and i can take a conclusion that i can get an A, but we will find out in a few weeks. For my field work, i'm pretty sure that i can get an A, and either does my music and ethics class. If it come true, then my wish after seven semester is fulfilled. I wanted to get a perfect score for a semester since i need it badly to raise my IPK. Right now, i have 3,24 out of 4,00 and if all my score gets an A, my IPK will be raised to 3,30. Well.. let's wait for a few weeks, and we will get an updated grades of all subjects

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