Tuesday, December 07, 2004

First Exam: Sucess

Few hours ago, i have just finished my first exam, robotics experimental. It was quite success and my next exam will be held in Thursday. Tommorrow, i will have to some presentation about my field work and i'm so nervous, since there will be two lecturers and six other students who also have to present their work for about four months.

After posting this blog, i will unplug all of my computer's cable and prepare it for tommorrow's presentation, since it will begin at 10 AM and i have to prepare all of them carefully, such as reports, grade form, and my computer as well (such as lowering the refresh rate, so it won't display out of frequency error messages). After that, i will have to go to my girlfriends's house and then refill her printer, since it was empty. Well... can't write a long blog today :)

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