Thursday, December 09, 2004

Very Exhausted

I'm very exhausted last night, since in the morning, i have to do a presentation and there were eight students who also had their presentation in the same day, so it would take 4 hours to get it finished, since we didn't allowed to leave the place before all students have finished their presentation. We only had thirty minutes to present our work, but one of my friend spent one hour for her presentation, so we should wait for 4,5 hour, sitting and waiting for our turn and then come sitting back again waiting for the rest. Luckily, my presentation was a big success and i'm pretty sure that i got a good mark for it. Now, i have to finish the administrative and submit the reports, getting a signature, etc, and my field work will be done. Hooraayyy...

When i got home, i started to plug all my computer and got online. I checked my email, writing my blog, and doing some translations about eGroupWare HOWTO v0.5 since i have joined with the contributor team for the translation of eGroupWare install and security HOWTO into Indonesian language. It's on progress and it should be finished this week, but i can't guarantee that. Information about this HOWTO will published on my personal page in project page.

This mourning at 3 AM, i saw Real Madrid crushing on AS ROMA to advance to the next level of the Champion League, but unfortunately Manchester United lost 2-0 against Fennerbache, but that doesn't affect the table, since Manchester United has advanced to the next level from the earlier match.

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