Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dilbert Comic Strips

For the last few months i have been using RSS Aggregator application (FeedReader for Windows platform and Liferea for Linux platform) and i'm quite satisfied with it's performance. With this application, i can grab and download any news updates everytime i got online and it will be saved on the application itself, so i can get read it anytime i want without having to be online everytime.

I grab as many RSS feed as possible so i can get a list of updated news since i need new information everyday about what has happened in the world when i'm not online. One of my collection is Dilbert comics strips, which can be found at It's a good feed from Scott Adams and it reveals some of the management theory or social interactions that happened in the office or your daily work environments.

Two days ago i borrowed an Indonesian version of Dilbert Principles that was launched at 1997. I am reading right now and i found some information added by Scott to reveals the truly management concepts inside the corporation. Unfortunately, it wasn't translated perfectly, as it missed some of the real meaning of the text, but it's ok for me. For you that likes comics strips, you might download and install PHPGrabComics from Sourceforge. It has a complete list of comic strips, including Dilbert and it runs on web pages, so it can be viewed by many people around your office.

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