Friday, December 10, 2004

Second Exam: Sucess

Three hours ago, i started my second exam, compiler and now, it's finished with a big sucess. Now, i should wait for my grades that will come out in few days (maybe next monday, since it is Friday after all). It was quite complicated, even though it was open book, but it was very applicative, so i only use the theory on the book to do the implementation.

In the next two hours, i will face my third and last exam this semester, ethics. We didn't get any material, so i don't know what to study. It worth 60% of our total points so i have to get good mark if i want to get an A mark on this subject.

I also in a rush to get my signature for my reports, since maybe i will be off to Semarang tommorrow with my mother to meet my uncle who has come back from United States for vacation and business purposes. I'm not sure whether i will go to Semarang or not, but it will be decided tonight.

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