Saturday, December 04, 2004

Start Updating

Today is my first day updating my FTP server. I got to my campuss at 7.30 AM and start searching for any new tools that usually used by any staff at my campuss. As my previous post, we are looking for a GPL-licensed or Freeware application. The first application that we can get is image viewer. Our choice comes to Irvan View which has a great feature and also a complete plugins in a separate application. It can be compared with ACDSee, a professional image viewer which includes a package for image editing also.

We don't have much change to find and download many files, since more and more people came to the lab and start consuming the bandwidth. So we will have to use Vixie Cron to do our jobs. We collect the URL to the application and we will schedule our download time when there are no students are using any bandwidth at all, which will be at night. Tommorrow, we will have some of our packages updated with a fresher package. Happy downloading with wget :)

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