Friday, December 31, 2004

Big Concern

When i came back from my vacation few days ago and got online to check my emails, i received some message from the OOo project people, Scott Carr (Documentation Co-Lead), Charles-H. Schulz (Lead of the Native-Lang Confederation), and Diane (who helped fixing the Indonesian OOo Project problems and bugs). They asked me whether i am OK after the biggest ever tsunami tragedy that swapped most of Asian countries, including my countries, Indonesia. They was kind of worried if i was affected with the tragedy and they waited for my reply for two days.

I have replied them and they were relieved to find me safe. They also send out few email to many OOo volunteers around Asia, including India which was totally broken after the tsunami waves. Unfortunately, i can't make any contact with Utomo, which is another Indonesia Volunteer who works as QA in the OOo project. I hope he is OK.

Here is the email that i received from Charles-H., Scott Carr, and Diane :

Charles-H. Schulz

Sunil, Khairil, Javier, Utomo, Willy, Raman, Viswath, Mugunth,

We all learned about that awful earthquake that shook the entire ASIAPAC
region. We also learned that there are countless deaths, and on behalf
of the Native-Lang Confederation and, I would like to
express the deepest condolences to all the countries and people who are
affected by this tragedy.
I also hope, in the first place, that you are all safe and that you
didn't lose anybody you know in the earthquake.
Please feel free to reply if you are able to. We would love to know you
are here and healthy.

Best Regards,

Charles-H. Schulz,
Lead of the Native-Lang Confederation,


been watching for you, Willy, since the earthquake... it will be nice to see
your name pop up in the mailbox again... I hope you and your family are all ok.


but I hope you and your family are ok, after the waves hit, man.

Scott Carr
Documentation Co-Lead

Thanks to all of the OOo guys to their big concerns.

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