Friday, December 17, 2004

Indonesian OOo Documentation Project

I have started Indonesian OOo Documentation Project for a while and it has released some documentation, howto, manuals, and also SETUP GUIDE in Indonesian language for, the most wide used office application in OpenSource environment. Firstly, i was only translating Setup Guide for Indonesian Language, but as time flows, i wanted to translate some of the documentation for my language and i will never be able to do this all by my self, so i put this into Jogja's LUG (Linux User Group) and they were optimistic that this project will be a successfull project and there we started this project until now.

Right now, we already have 11 contributors, including me and we have 17 finished documents, 5 on revision phase, 11 on translation phase, and still 19 new documents that has not been translated yet. We are looking forward to look another contributor to help us to find another documentation and also translating them.

We are planning to joined the Native Lang project on community to make our project getting bigger and focused on our local promotion and also we will have our own website that can be used to upload materials about howtos, manuals, setup guide, and any other files related to Right now, we are making our proposal and we hope that next year, it will be done.

I want to thanks Derek Dregger, Scott Carr, and also Gerry Singleton that has helped me much about this project and responding my email, comments, issues, etc.

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