Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Night

Today is 24 of December, and for Christian people, it is one of the days that has been expected that would come, since it was time to celebrate a christmas party at the church. I will go to my church at 4 PM today and celebrate Christmas Night with all of the Christian people at Santo Antonius Kotabaru Church. There will be three schedule, but i will come to the first one, which will be held at 5 PM because i want to have a date also with my girlfriend after the party.

Last night, i played card game with my cousins and we played and laughed until 11.30 PM. It was fun and we shall do that tonight :)
One of my cousin came from Jakarta, but unfortunately, his brother can't came along, since he has to stay at Australia. My sister can't joined our joy together because she didn't go back this month (she has come back last month).

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