Sunday, October 28, 2007

Changes to Google Page Rank

Some sites have reported that there's a possibility that Google has changed their Page Rank algorithm, resulting some decrement to their page rank point, including YouTube from 8 to 3 (From Googlified). From SitePoint, i got this new update:
# Boing Boing: Was 9, now 7.
# Engadget: Was 7, now 5.
# Was 7, now 5.
# New Scientist: Was 7, now 5.

My blog is affected also. It has dropped from 6 to 5 currently. Does your blog gets affected also?confused


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    lu ngecek pagerank nya pake apa? boingboing masih 7 kok.

  2. hi will...

    Its nice to know that there are some personal blogs that have page rank 5. Lucky are you.

    In fact, in my case I only have page rank 2. And I am quite desperate about increasing my page.

    If you have some tips for me to increase my page rank, please do share.

  3. My original page rank was 6 and now it is 5, i don't think that's lucky :)

    There are other Indonesian blogger who have 5 on their blog

    Don't think about page rank. Just keep writing. They will increase in time when people see your blog is important

  4. My blog was a 2 and now is 0 ....what I really don't understand is why my other two blogs that I next to never update has 2's on both!!?? I work much harder on my other one updating weekly and even daily when the mood strikes. Very upsetting that the one I work on the most drops and the ones I don't increase!? Anyone have any advice on that? What did I do wrong?

  5. Hello Melanie, nice blog you have there :)
    definitely better than mine hehe

    i really don't have the answer on your questions, as i'm confused either. This blog was supposed to be 6 and now it dropped to 5. Some of my friend's blog page rank was dropped also, but their page rank was back to the original in short time, but not mine :(

    Google haven't published what changes in the page rank algorithm

  6. how long you got PR 6 ???

  7. not sure, as i never count it
    now mine is 3 :(