Saturday, October 20, 2007

Firefox Blocker Site

Even though Firefox gains a lot of users nowadays, there were still some sites who doesn't like or became inaccessible when viewed using other browser than IE. Check this list and you will be quite surprised, since some of them are big sites. I think they should start working to make their site browser-friendly by removing the text "We only support Internet Explorer".

What's the point of only supporting a single browser? People around the world has their own browser preferences and some have known that Opera, Firefox, Konqueror, or Safari works best (or better) than IE in most cases, so they choose that browser. If a site only accept IE, then they are wasting lots of customer who didn't have IE on their computer (mostly are from Linux people). If others can switch, why wouldn't they?


  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    I also hate it when sites, especially new ones, only supports IE exclusively. Sorry, but IE doesn't run on my Linux PC.

    What I hope is that most sites support the standards (W3C/ECMA stuffs) and not browser specific stuffs. They should target for IE (Windows users), Firefox (Windows+Linux), Opera (PC+Nokia Phones+Wii), and last but not least WebKit based browsers (Safari+Konq+iPhone) for maximum targets.

  2. Developernya dibayar berapa sama M$ ya???

  3. Lucky me, i never visited that site, so my daily visited site are supported by Firefox (since most of them are OPen Source site)

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the reason these sites actively blocking non-IE browser were not because "not-IE" but AdBlock.

  5. Not entirely wrong, but some site does said that the site is only supporting IE. They use code that only works on IE :(

  6. Meh. Try with other browser than IE, you'll get a pretty nice website without anything to click on (well, there are two or so clickable links but still useless...)

  7. you can use non IE browser to go to Permata Bank, but you couldn't logged out as the Logout button won't be clickable unless you use IE :(

  8. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I totally agree with you. However, those companies' perspectives is probably that since 90% of the world still use IE (I can't back up that number; just pulled it out of nowhere just now for description sake), they leave it at that to satisfy most customers. They know they will never be able to satisfy EVERYBODY, so they just leave it at the majority.

    Is it right? No, they can certainly improve. But I see the reason why they do it.

    Make sense?

  9. I wonder. Many reports coming from Internet, magazine, forums that IE's domination has started to be cut by Firefox and any other browsers. Even HOMELAND Security has published an advisory that stated IE is not recommended (check the URL of the source and you will find it)

    It's not about MAJORITY anymore, since people using Firefox is becoming larger and larger.

    It's better to switch to browser-compatible script :)