Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mandriva Club Is Now Free

Good new for Mandriva users. Mandriva Club which used to be a commercial service, is now offered for free to public. By becoming a member of Mandriva Club, you can get the Mandriva releases earlier than other people who don't have Mandriva Club access and also other stuffs, like forums, newsletter, knowledge base, etc. Here's the interesting stuff about Mandriva Club:

* a news feed with community articles and interviews
* a knowledge base, with tips & tricks and a special zone for Linux
* the RPM farm service for an easy access to online application
packages and repositories
* Bittorrent downloads with access to the final versions a few days
before the release for early seeders
* the official documentation
* a personal blog service for community members
* a nice e-cards service for the holiday season
* access to a complete e-training program, with 25 free training modules
* access to the Mandriva Expert support platform
* an HCL database

I used to have a VIP account at Mandriva Club since i contribute to Mandriva for translating it to Indonesian, but lately, my account hasn't been extended again (but my friend said that we could ask for extension and they will approve it if we really give our contribution to them). But it doesn't matter anymore, since i don't use Mandriva again since 2005.

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