Saturday, October 06, 2007

This Is The Real MU

Now this is what i call a game. MU beat Wigan 4-0 in front of their 75.300 supporters at their home base Old Trafford just now. Who scores? Well, it's all the strikers that MU has (except for Saha and Scholes), which was Tevez (the opening), Ronaldo (double goal), and Rooney (the ending). This is what people are waiting for. A lot of goals from the goal getters. MU spent the most budget this season by buying several players and they were very slow at the start. After winning charity shield, they couldn't show great performance like last season and most of their winning game ended by 1-0 at the score line.

People start to criticize MU for useless spending, but now they have proven that their decision to buy those players were correct one. It happened when MU bought Christiano Ronaldo several years back. Nobody nows Ronaldo and he was wearing Beckham's number (7). People at that time still thought that 7 is a holy number (since it was used by great players. You name it, Beckham, Cantona), so Ronaldo wasn't considered fit to use that number, but Sir Alex have made his decision and Ronaldo prove that it was the right choice. Well, it looks like that Sir Alex was right again this time. It does worthed to buy Tevez, Nani, and other players. They just need time to prove that they are the best team in the England (or probably Europe).

What impress me about MU is that they really have a big fan. Look at the attendance in the last match : 75.300. If i'm not mistaken, MU is one of the top rank club that has the biggest average of attendance on each matches. If one ticket is 30 pound sterling, then in one match, they could gain 2.259.000 pound sterling (equals to 42.132.609.000 IDR with the rate of 18651 per 1 pound sterling). Just calculate if they were competing in several league, such as FA Cup, Champion League, Carling Cup (unfortunately MU lost on this one). That's a big money money eyes


  1. MU memang terbanyak untuk urusan penonton, tapi urusan pendapatan sekali bertanding, Arsenal lebih banyak. Karena harga tiket stadionnya lebih mahal. Hehe..
    Tapi sukur deh MU sudah kembali. Yang saya seneng juga, pemain-pemain mudanya muncul. Ada Pique sama Simpson.

  2. Akhirnya bisa ngeliat Tevez beraksi sebagaimana "yg diharapkan".. ehehe.. :D