Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vacation on Kaliurang

Yesterday, i went to Kaliurang with my girlfriend and her relatives. I hadn't been to Kaliurang for years, since i was in college i guess so it was very nice to be able to go there again. The road was not that crowded, since most people will go to their relatives and celebrates Idul Fitri so we could get there in less then 30 minutes.

Not many people go to Kaliurang at that day, but there were some. We went to the park and stayed there for a while, because my girlfriend's nephews wanted to play. We took some pictures together at the park, but it's still on the digicam, so i will upload it soon on my web album. One of the unique thing about the park was that the green giants were still there (and re-painted). It's like a symbol for that park big grin

Too bad the weather was not so friendly. It was raining, so we couldn't enjoy the park, so we finally left the park at 2.30 PM. Some of us took the semi-train to travel around Kaliurang, and we (me and my girlfriend) took that time to ate Ronde drooling while waiting for the others. We finished on time, since when they arrived back, we're done eating.

Next thing was we were going back to Jogja and it was even faster, since we're going down and the road was still empty like in the morning. It was a good vacation and hopefully there will be another one again while we're still in holidays big hug

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