Friday, October 26, 2007

ILC 2007

Next month, Jogja LUG will held ILC event, called ILC 2007. Last ILC was held on Surabaya in 2006. The event will be held on 17 - 20 November 2007 and there will be some activities:
- Seminar
- Workshop
- LUG Meeting

There will be a lot of participant from the community on this event. Let's say ubuntu-id, fedora-id, slackware-id, OpenSUSE-id, and many more. Other LUG are also invited. You can check the LUG Meeting invitation on Linux.Or.ID or Mail Archive or check the information at the official website. Some people have confirmed their attendance and it will be a great opportunities to meet each other. Some of us have had communicate before, but we never met each other face to face. So take this chance to know the people behind the community.

I will try my best to attend the LUG Meeting so that we can discuss lots of things (even though i may have to skip one of my class on that day, since i had a class on Sunday for my master degree).

See you guys next month...

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