Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spam Emails

In the last two months, incoming spam email on my inbox is getting worse. I don't know why, but GMail's spam filter sometimes let them pass their filter and go through my inbox. They came from different email address, so it's impossible to identify them all, but one thing for sure, they have similarity on the content, since usually the message is related to drugs and viagra (and some other things). I think it's time GMail team start reviewing their filters and do something about it.

Is it only me or other people have the same symptoms?


  1. Same here. A while ago, I got a massive email (hosted by Google) spam attack for two days. I got hundreds of spams.

    Well, they have acquired Postini... let's hope that Postini will be integrated (or, already integrated?) to Google email service...

  2. It was bad when I first switch to Google Apps hosting for my email about 1-2 months ago. But I kept on reporting spam as I see them. Now it's getting better. I rarely see any spam on my inbox (probably one a week). So it seems that my patience paid off.

  3. perhaps it's because it's a commercial service, so they really care about their quality of service.

    Last night, i just saw an email with viagra text (no randomization) and get through my inbox :(