Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crowded Jogja

Jogja nowadays is very crowded, since many people come to Jogja for vacation. I tried to avoid using car when going somewhere since most of the streets are very jammed. I prefer to use motorcycle rather than car. If possible, i prefer to stay at home and prepare for my mid test in the next two weeks.

Last night, i had a reunion with my friends again. Since i had to pick up my girlfriend and had to go through Malioboro, i picked her up using motorcycle and then i went to my other friend's house where we supposed to meet. From there, we went to Galeria using my friend's car to have dinner and then we went to Own Cafe to chit chat and played card and making noise everywhere (luckily we got some private room, so people out there won't be distracted by our voice). We stayed there for about two and half hours before finally we left and came home. It was a nice small party, even though many friends of ours couldn't join the party we conduct last night.

Well, today is the last holiday, as tomorrow normal life will begin again. Work.. Work...

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