Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Electricity Problem

Few days ago, when i was working at my store, there was an electricity problem, cause the work should be ended prematurely. Today, i had another electricity problem again, but this time, on my campus. I was giving a class at 5 PM and suddenly, the electricity went off at about 6 PM. I was supposed to give a demo about NUnit, a free unit testing tool, but i canceled it because there's no power on the projector. I will give this demo next week and hoping that no more electricity problem again.

Since the material is not finished when the lights comes off, i continued a bit to finish of my material for a few minutes and speaking in the dark with some lights from the students who turned up their light from their cellphone. It's very annoying, but luckily it happened at night, where most classes were already done and most of my materials has been covered up before the power down, so it didn't messed up my schedule for the class.

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