Saturday, October 20, 2007

Word Processor : Jarte

For you who need a simple Word Processor application, you can consider Jarte a look. It's cheaper than MS Office (it's a freeware, but they do sell a commercial one if the customers wants more than the basic feature) and it's lighter than OOo. It has tabs, like IBM Symphony, it can open OOXML documents (MS Office 2007 format), and it could export documents to PDF formats like New features in Jarte Plus are:

* Background Spell Checking
* AutoCorrect
* AutoOutline
* Jarte Personalities
* Choice of Background Patterns
* Remembers Saved Clipboard Clips
* Define Your Own Reference Bar Buttons and Links
* Attach Document Notes
* Smart Quotes
* Roman Numeral Page Numbering
* Customer Support

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