Saturday, October 20, 2007

Increased Capacity

GMail has started to rolled up an upgrade to their customer's inbox capacity. After it stacked on 2,8 GB, it has been increasing almost 4 GB currently (and it's showing an increasing trend, so it my be different when you saw your inbox).

Meanwhile, some of their competitor had promised an unlimited capacity, like Yahoo. For me, capacity is not the main thing, but about how the system handles my email so i can search, look for it. So far, GMail has done it. Besides, not many people will have their inbox filled with 10 GB of messages.

However, GMail is not a perfect solution either Few things i don't like in GMail currently:
1. I couldn't right click any message and then open it on other tab/window, except i switched to the basic HTML style
2. The spam filter still bypass lots of spams emails. They surely need to start thinking about solutions here. Nobody wants their inbox is filled with spams.
3. Attachments problem. GMail rejects certain file to be transfered via their SMTP. While it's good for security measurements, sometimes it's annoying.

I'm looking forward to get this problem fixed in the near future daydreaming


  1. saya menggunakan better gmail, extention pada firefox supaya bisa klik kanan di gmail :)

  2. woaaa... thanks for the updates :)