Thursday, October 04, 2007

Finishing Season 1

I have just finished watching Prison Break Season 1. I know it's kindda outdated, since it has been released since two years ago, but i have never seen this before, until few days ago, my friend told me to watch this movie. So i watched them by streaming (since downloading torrents will be much longer). So i finished 22 episodes in just 2-3 days. It could be faster, but since i must do other activities, i can't just sit and watch the movies everyday big grin

Well, season 2 is also available, so i will start looking at it, since the breakout in season 1 is not yet finished. We'll see the progress in the next season. Meanwhile, season 3 has already started in the US. Nice movie by Paul Scheuring. The moral i could take from this movie: Always prepare for the unexpected and plan for contingency plan.


  1. 22 episode 3 hari? :o
    itu mah nglembur namanya :))

    streaming darimana mas? kok bisa cepet?

  2. minta url-nya streaming buat season 2 mas??.. sayah kurang episode terakhir.

  3. dibilang lembur ya sedikit sih hehhee

    aku ambil dari
    silahkan di search aja

  4. Hihi, saya baru selesai nonton season 3 episode 2.

  5. hehe.. saya kemarin baru liat season 3 episode 2 :D

  6. ouchhh i know this film, i really like it, hihii because the actor looks so strong and also so cute...
    wakaka i remeber him that he is an actor in the lost world (series film)
    wil, try to see supranatural, it is a good film also, and funny.
    Numbers, house, and the other... i forgot..