Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Is Not Always Better

Sometimes, people like the old version of an application. Why? Since it's smaller, efficient (in term of memory consumption) and they have fulfill the user's need. Why would they need to upgrade and spent some money on the newer version which sometimes bloated, full of unused animation/features, and of course, more expensive (on commercial application), except for new features that are critical or security updates. For those who like to use the old version of an application, try to visit this site, OldVersion. It listed some of the old application that people still use up to now.

One good example are ACDSee and Winamp. Both of this program has a good history in the old version. They works perfectly and did what they was designed for. It is very fast on the operation and also very small in the term of size. I can run the application in a seconds on the old computer, which i couldn't get with the latest version now.

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