Saturday, February 16, 2008


Linus said 2.6.25 will not be as hard as 2.6.24, as he already pushed second RC for the next 2.6.25 release. It's stabilizing phase right now and most of the broken/unstable code has been fixed by the developers and it will be several RCs before the final version shipped (around April is the most suitable schedule for 2.6.25). The full Changelog will list all of the changes, meanwhile, the announcements can be seen on LWN or LKML.

Meanwhile, gets it's way to the public with several updates from Willy and Dann. The full Changelog contains fewer updates than the 2.6.x kernel, but worths reading it. Although many ordinary people already switched to 2.6.x kernel, there are still people who used 2.4.x kernels, including Slackware users prior to Slackware 12.0 who still uses 2.4.x as the default kernel.

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