Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chinese New Year Celebration

I just came back from annual events, "Pekan Budaya Tionghoa" that was celebrated on Ketandan, sometimes called Jogja's Chinatown. Today was the opening and it will be held for five days starting today until next Monday. I have taken some pictures and movie (very nice fireworks), but unfortunately, i couldn't upload the movie, as it's too big to upload (approximately 40 MB), so i just upload the photos on my PicasaWeb account. I'll try to upload this to local web hoster, but i can't guarantee that it will be uploaded in short time. You can also see the schedule for the remaining four days if you haven't visit this place (or if you are planning to go to Jogja, please visit this event, as it's only held once a year).

It's a mixture of two different culture in one event. As you can see from the schedule, some of them were conducted by local people, for example Didik Ninik Towok and many others (i didn't know most of them)

Update (8 Feb 2008 5:54 AM): I have uploaded the movie. You can download it from here. It will only available for 90 days, so go grab them big grin

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