Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wedding Party @ JEC

I must say that i'm impressed by the wedding party that was held today on JEC (Jogja Expo Center). The couples were TT and Yenni. TT's father is Mr. Fanthoni, a popular MC on many wedding party. In total, he invited almost 4000 people (yes, he is very famous) and people who came at this party might be more than doubles of the invitation. He prepared about 100 food stations to serve their foods and drinks to their guests until 10 PM and there's been a rule that the stations must not stop serving until time is up (well, some of them couldn't accomplish this one, since it's very hard to re-stock the materials when you are busy doing things and people keep coming and you never know when will they stop).

I met a lot of friends there and it's nice to see them on the party. It's more like a big reunion since i met some friends whom i didn't met for a couple of years and we just met back then big grin. I also received a good news that one of my classmates back in elementary school will get married next June. Congratulations applause

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