Monday, February 04, 2008

Linux is Ready to go Green

Linus Torvalds has admitted that Linux is lacking behind on power management and energy diagnosis tools compared to other operating system (check my post on Slackblogs about this. Even if it's KDE application, they got the information from /proc which is a representation of values in the kernel itself). But that doesn't mean that he and other kernel developers stayed relaxed and do nothing. They prepare the infrastructure and they think it's quite ready for further development into stable environment.

In an interview during Linux Conference 2008 in Melbourne, Linux also stated that the kernel project will survive even when he retired sometime in the future. Here's his answer:
"The question comes up but it is not something I really worry about. There are other people who could take over what I do. I would like to think that they would be worse at it but it is not like [Linux] would go away or be in trouble"

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