Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coffee Treat A Friend Week From Starbucks

I got a SMS message from BCA about Starbucks' offering. It's called Starbucks Coffee Treat A Friend Week. You pay 1 for 2 all Frappuccino drinks by using BCA credit card. It's a good news for coffee lovers, but unfortunately, i don't like drinking coffee so this offering is not applicable for me crying

I guess you have an alternative options to celebrate valentine on Starbucks if you like coffee and have BCA credit card big grin


  1. wah sayang aku enggak di Indonesia, sampai kapan tuh promonya?

  2. sampe akhir bulan ini kayake

  3. kalo nggak salah, di setarbak ada teh ama coklat panas juga, kok.

  4. yang terkenal khan coffeenya :D
    kalo minum teh aja di starbucks, wah kemahalan hehehe