Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spam Detection on Blogger

Blogger requires me to write word verification every time i wanted to publish my post. It only happened on this blog and not in my SlackBlogs. After the updates from Blogger team has been pushed today, a new link comes up under the word verification textbox, which said "Why do I have this?". By clicking this link, i was redirected to a new page saying that my blog was detected as a spam by Blogger's spam-prevention robots.

In that page, i can request for unlocking my blog and if they have verified that my blog is not a spam, i will not need any word verification again every time i post something. It's very annoying, since the word verification is always wrong if i go idle too long after writing some of the post (and the saving text has comes up). I guess it's a bug in Blogger session.

Let's hope they will verify my blog ASAP so i could save some time without the word verification on my own blog big grin


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I guest you wrote some blog posts too often (per day[?]) :)

    is there any limit on post count per day??

  2. No way :)
    i believe there are people who wrote more than once per day

    i don't think they have a limit on that

  3. i agree with daniweblog.
    you can see the solution here:

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  5. you should test another 'too often' blog posts per day..more than 5 posts maybe.. :) (I'm sure you can do it easily..)

    is 'the spam review' just for the first 'too often' blog post?

    Word verification Blogger

  6. i did (but after my blog has been unlocked) and the word never appeared again :)