Thursday, February 14, 2008

Indonesian Linux Forum Migration Plan

I have sent a mass email to all Indonesian Linux Forum member about the total backup progress that is being conducted before the full migration to the old domain During this preparation, i have disabled the attachment feature on all boards, meaning that you can't send an attachment on private messages or post. This is required to make sure the consistency between the old and new domain, since i'm migrating the files right now.

When the migration is going to be done, i will announce it again few days before the actuall process and send another mass email to notify you that the forum will be disabled temporarily. After the migration, you can access the forum again at the old domain and any request to the new domain will be redirected back to the old one. The migration should take less than one hour (actually it's only less than 5 minute, but i'm not taking any risk by saying it will be 5 minutes, just in case something fatal happened). When the forum is up and running, i will enable the forum and (again) send a notification to all members (please don't mark the email as SPAM big grin)

On behalf of Indonesian Linux Forum administrators and moderators, i would like to apologize for any inconvenience during the migration, but everything is being done to ensure all data are consistent during the migration process. If you find any problem after the migration, you can always submit a bug report on the Forum (we don't expect any bug, but nothing is perfect, so we prepare the topic for that)

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