Monday, February 25, 2008

Advertising Rates

Last year (or probably two years ago), i got an advertisement proposal from a person who was willing to pay US$ 50 just to put two text-based on my blog (i wonder why would they were willing to pay that much, but i accepted it anyway since i have nothing to lose).

Today, i got another one (from different people), but this time, they want a banner (they provide three kind of banner) or text-based advertisement and they asked me how am i going to charge for it. Honestly, i'm confused with it. I never charged anything for my blog's advertisements, as i'm doing it not for commercial purpose. Any ideas how am i going to charge for this advertisements? confused

Any comments is welcomed ....


  1. Have you done your homework? Google it or use Wikipedia.

    Then work your way through community-based forum on these topics.

    Then see rate card from similar blogs.

    From these places you should know how many are you going to charge.

  2. Did you ever figure out how to charge your Advertising Rates? I am in the same situation and don't have a clue. Can you help?

    Thanks, Danne

  3. I'm afraid i don't have the right clue.