Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IT Girls Web Comics

My friend David Sentanu has just started to run his weekly Web Comics. It's called I.T. Girls Web Comic and it's hosted in Blogger (it's in Indonesian). He has a good sense of humor and also arts. It seems that it deserves to be added on my Feed list. Unfortunately, it's weekly, not daily like Dilbert. Well, it's a good start for him big grin

Congratulations David and keep blogging and drawing daydreaming


  1. Thx for the mention! :)

    Yap, itu weekly... soalna klo daily ide-ku kalah cepet hahaha... lagian kan digambar manual pake tangan trus di-scan, jadi rada repot. Nantikan edisi2 selanjutnya y... :D

  2. satu lagi IT comicstrip indonesia setelah chickenstrip :D