Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knight Rider 2008

I just finished watching Knight Rider 2008 that are already on air on some countries, but not in Indonesia yet. Even so, i'm quite luck to find the downloadable files and watched them. It's so COOL!!

The new KITT car is based on 2008 Ford Mustang GT500KR and it has all the previous KITT technologies, plus some new cool one, like this one (Taken from Wikipedia):
  • 550 horsepower solar hybrid engine
  • Sports-tuned suspension
  • Xenon headlamps with infrared night-vision
  • Metallic paint with nanotech enhanced camouflage including morphing License Plate.
  • Military satellite access
  • FBI database access
  • Self-regeneration and damage repair
  • High-speed Internet
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice-activated GPS
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard in the glove box under an accessory drawer
  • Biometric Interface to access security features.
  • Wireless headset to communicate with passengers within a limited distance.
  • Biomedical Scanner.
  • More detailed feature can be seen here along with the comparison between the second and third generation of KITT
If you see the self-regeneration and also the camouflage effects, you will be quite stunned by it. It's very smooth and incredible (just like a chameleon changing its skin color)

One thing that amazes me (it's only taken from the plot of the film, not yet in reality)
Although largely solar powered, KITT does use gasoline; with 91% of the energy being recycled, he averages 167 miles per gallon.
If all cars are like this, we will require less dependency on gasoline and oil big grin


  1. kok lain sama yang ini ya:
    keren khan B-)

  2. di filmnya gak sekeren itu :D