Friday, February 01, 2008

No Water Problem :)

Thank God i have moved back to Jogja last May. When i came back from UAJY today, i got an email from my friend at Jakarta saying that Jakarta is flooded again. The prediction that Jakarta will be drowned again at February become reality (last year, it's also in February). Some bloggers have posted this news on their blog, such as Nurul (more will come tomorrow as they told their experience fighting to get home).

Jogja also rained tonight and it was quite a long rain, but as you may aware, Jogja never had flood problems. Even if it rained for one whole day, the water will drop at most in 20-40 minutes (it depends on the severity of the rain). I rarely got water problem in Jogja big grin


  1. hiks..jadi pengen pulang ke jogja nih mas...;-)

  2. ya tinggal pulang khan?
    kok susah2 hehehe