Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two Big Events In China in 2008

This year, China is planning to held two big (unrelated) events. One of them is the 2008 Olympics game. Some people predicts that this will be one of the biggest Olympics game that ever held, but that must wait until the event is over.

Regarding to this event, i read that the tickets given to other countries only 25% from total tickets sold in this year's Olympics. Indonesia is only given 1898 tickets for all games and most of them are for badminton, since the distribution is based on how many athletes sent on the sport category. Regarding this policy, it's not strange, since China's population is over 1 billion people, so 75% of the tickets were prioritized for their local people first.

The second event that are planned to be held on China is OOo Conference 2008. Right now, China is competing with other countries (Amsterdam, Bratislava, Budapest, and Dundalk) to held the event. You can see the proposal on OOo's marketing project (it's very detailed and interesting). Usually, OOo Conference always held in Europe, but this time, Redflag 2000 dare to make a proposal to held the first OOo conference outside Europe. I wish for their success, since it's a good opportunity to show the world that Asian countries can contribute to the Open Source projects as well as western countries big grin

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