Friday, October 29, 2010

Air Asia Web Check In

Last night, i tried the new feature from Air Asia: Web Check In. The concept is simple. You can now print your own boarding pass up to seven days before your departure date from your house and you will have more time at the airport (mostly if you don't have any luggage since you don't have to queue).

I must admit that it makes easier for the users to have better flight experience, but in the other hand, if it's functioning, then it can make problems. This is what i experienced when trying Air Asia's Web Check In.

I'm leaving to Jakarta today with several of my family members and i'm planning to do a web check in in order to speed up things, but ended up with a split seats. I bought 6 tickets and i didn't choose to pick a seat (another paid feature from Air Asia which enables you to pick your own seat) because i think i can have the seat close to each other when doing the check in at the airport.

The problem arose when i tried to print the boarding pass after i selected all the passengers that were listed on the itinerary. Even though it listed all of them, but when i print the page, it will only print the first passenger and not the others. In the end, i have to re-print the boarding pass and i got a split seat for some of us.

Another problem that has been around for some time, but it hasn't been fixed by the airways is the session management. I think they are quite messed up for such big company. I know they can do better than that Gym

My suggestion for now:
  • If you don't have luggage and only travelling alone, use the web check in
  • If you are travelling with other people and want to have seat next to each other, don't use the web check in (until Air Asia fixed the printing problem).