Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OOo vs LibreOffice

OpenOffice.org 3.3.0 RC 1 has been released and after looking the Release Notes, it seems that there are a bunch of new interesting feature, such as increasing row size in Calc, better usability in Extension Manager, better PDF export feature by embedding 14 PDF Standard fonts, and support for better password compatibility with Microsoft Office files, even though only up to Word and Excel 97.

After the release of LibreOffice, people seems to start moving to LibreOffice, since it includes many features that were never get included in the main OOo trunk, such as Multimedia integration, better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents thanks to OpenXML filter, and many other which was the work of go-oo.

So, what's your future decision? Still using the old OOo which is now fully supported by Oracle, or moving to the new LibreOffice which is community-based and has more features?


  1. Currently using OpenOffice and waiting for 3.3 stable which is now RC1. Also like to try on LibreOffice but only with stable version. So waiting for that too. And Go-OO is new for me. Is it good as OOo?

    Haven't seen post about new Pidgin on your blog. So for your information its now 2.7.4

  2. It is supposed to be better than OOo as it includes new features that is rejected by Sun in the past, such as better interoperability with Microsoft Office, better multimedia support, and many more

    Yes, i know, i have built it on my Slackware and i have been using it for a while, but i haven't had time to post it. Perhaps today's post will be about Pidgin :)