Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to Jogja

Today i returned to Jogja after spending few days in Jakarta attending my sister's wedding party. I have a chance to visit her new house this morning with my family and other relatives before leaving to airport. It's located in a nice environment, but it's not yet finished yet. Some modifications are still needed to further make up the house.

My plane to Jogja was on time this time and my plane was quite big, since it just came from Singapore flight. I had a chance to talk with Yahya Kurniawan because we were on the same plane, (even though we were not in the same seat, but since the plane wasn't completely full, we changed our seat so we can have a chat). We took a different route to Jogja due to bad situation that relates to Merapi mountain and also, we used the different path to land in Jogja. No wonder i was a little bit confused with the environment when i was about to land in Jogja.

Anyways, it's good to be back and i still have to clean up my house due to Merapi activities yesterday. I think i will have to take some rest today and starts a new week by tomorrow Yahoo

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