Monday, October 18, 2010

Traffic Jam

Today i was leaving back to Jakarta after spending one night at Bandung to attend my cousin's wedding party. I was stuck in a heavy traffic jam in Bandung. I never expected that the traffic in Bandung would be so crowded compared to the last time i visited Bandung. It's worst than in Jogja since in some places, there are two sections that can use the roads, making it more complicated and jammed-prone.

The Purbaluenyi and Padalarang highway were not that crowded, but when we reached the inner-city highway, don't asked. Every car were like crawling with an average of 5 KM/hour. It's Monday and it's time for the people to go off the work, so no wonder about that.

If you are planning to visit Jakarta, don't go around 7-9 AM and around 5-7 PM, since it's the peak time in Jakarta where people go to their office to work and where people leave their office to go back to their house.

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