Sunday, October 17, 2010

MODs are Back

Before i left to China, there was a problem with the database of Indonesian Linux Forum and apparently, there was a miscommunication problem between me and the technical support people. I thought that he will fix the problem for me as i will leave to China and i wouldn't be able to fix the problem after i got there due to Internet connection.

The result was the forum was offline for almost more than one week because he thought the problem had been solved, while it wasn't. So after i got back to Jogja, i asked him again to restore the database and restore everything back. This includes the files, so all the MODs were gone in the progress (it was actually renamed to other directory and it was copied from a fresh phpBB files).

Before i left to Jakarta few days ago, i have finished adding all the MODs that were used in the past to the forum again so that all of the members can enjoy better discussion on that forum.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience and i hope it will not happen again *finger-crossed*

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