Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Back

After about ten days in China, finally i'm back here in Indonesia. It was a wonderful trip to China and i have visited some cities in China, including Shanghai, WuXi, Suzhou, Huangshan/TunXi, Guangzhou, and XiTang). I never expected that China would be at this level even though i have known that they have a strong economic level and their growth are outstanding. Even a small city in China is way more ahead of Jakarta, the metropolitan city in Indonesia. I must say that China is probably 10-20 times ahead of Indonesia regarding the city/town management. They have a strong vision and a good long-term planning on building a city. In the coming years, they will introduce more and more facilities that would make people's life get easier, such as faster express train, more highways, and many more.

Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. China is not an exception. There are some points which i think Chinese people are lacking of. One of them is the personal behavior. I will not publish them here, but i think you will know what i mean if you have visited China before. Don't get surprised when you have experienced them Evil Grin

I will try to rewrite my trip in China in the next posts, but i think i need some sleep now as i didn't get enough sleep today and i spent most of my time on plane today. I had a 5.5h of flight from Shanghai to Jakarta and another 1 h to go to Jogja, my home town.

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