Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forth and Fifth Day: Natural Scene of Huangshan Mountain

We left Suzhou to Huangshan in our forth day in China using the same bus. We left our local tour guide because the regulation stated that we must take another local guide when we reached other place (Huangshan in this case). The same event happened each time we visited another cities. Xiang Xiang still accompanies us from the beginning until the last day because it was her who coordinated all the trip while we were in China. Our local guide in Huangshan was David (his English name) and he could speak English, so i'm a little bit happy to hear that, since i can't speak Chinese so fluently.

On our first day in Huangshan, we didn't climb the mountain yet, as the trip itself took about 5 hours. We arrived there at the evening and we only had some free session at night before we rest because on our fifth day, we were climbing the Huangshan mountain.

From our hotel, we left to pick up our another local guide in Huangshan area and we had to switch to mini bus since the road to the mountain was smaller, so our bus was not allowed to entered. When we reached the entrance, we got in into the cable car which took us to the top mountain before we had to walk in order to take a look around the natural beauty of Huangshan mountain. The cable car was so high and i couldn't imagine what would happened if the cable was loose. I don't think anyone can survive from that height.

I must say i'm very impressed with the beauty of Huangshan mountain. Everything was so natural and i don't think there's any other mountain that is as beautifull as Huangshan. You must see it by yourself if you don't believe what i said in this blog Rolling.

Even though the tour leader said that the temperature was supposed to be very cold, but after getting there, i didn't think it was colder that i thought. I didn't use my jacket while i was walking around the mountain. But, i still recommend that you should bring your jacket, hat, and glove just in case you can't take it.

We left the mountain before 4 PM because the cable car stop operating at 4 PM. We went down and have an early rest because next day, we were going to other city again. This time, we were leaving to Hangzhou.

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