Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Third Day: Leaning Tower in Suzhou

Again, we our third day was started by a morning call at 6 AM and we left to Suzhou for another trip. We met a nice local guide tour and he could talk in Indonesian language more fluent than our Xiang Xiang since he has a wife which is Indonesian people and he had been a tour guide for 8 years.

Our first trip in Suzhou was in Lion Forest Garden (Shizilin) where we could see a man-made rock of mountains that symbolize the nine lion that was carved in a rock. We learned so many ancient cultures in this place.

We then left to Tiger Hill, where there was another leaning tower like in Italy (Pisa Tower). Local people said that this tower has an older history than in Italy, so they called it father of the Pisa Tower. Our local tour guide explained the history behind the tower and why it's called a tiger hill although there were no tigers around it.

Next, we went to silk factory in Suzhou. We saw how silk was produced from the beginning until it ended into a final product such as pillow or clothes. I bought one set of pillow from this factory as well Evil Grin.

Our last session was another shopping session in Quanqian street and before resting at the hotel