Sunday, October 03, 2010

Leaving to China

I am leaving to China tonight and spend some time there. It's just part of a holiday. I'm not staying there for months or so. It's because this week, the students will face their mid test exams and the lecturers are having some breaks so i took this chance to go somewhere else where i have never visited before.

This will be my first trip to China and i hope this will be an interesting adventure. I have heard so many rumors about China, both good and bad issues and let's hope i won't experience the bad ones. It will be my second abroad trip after i went to Singapore early this year and this time, it will take longer time.

I'm not sure whether i'm going to have Internet connection or not while i am in China, but let's just assume i can't get Internet connection there, so i will be off from the Internet for a while. You know what i mean. That means a delayed email responses, no updates on this blog (except when i have found a nice infor and i will set a scheduled post), pending membership requests on Indonesian Linux Forum, pending SlackBlogs updates, and i will definitely miss the Ubuntu release since i will be back in Indonesia around October 12. When i got back home, most of Indonesian mirror will have Ubuntu ISOs and that will ease me to update the UKDW ISO Center.

OK, time to enjoy the rest of my day in Indonesia before leaving tonight Wave

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