Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Four Ph. D

I had a discussion with my colleague this noon. He went to Gramedia book store and found a good book and guess what? The author is an Indonesian people and he had four Ph. D in four different disciplinaries, which are Electrical Engineering Applications From Tokyo Technology Institute, Japan (1985), Doctor of Medical from Tohoku University, Japan (1988), Doctor of Pharmacy from Tokyo Science University, Japan (2000), and Doctor of Education from Waseda University, Japan (2003) Panic. His name is Ken Kawan Soetanto. Salute for him Rock

I had to admit, i had a dream of pursuing Ph.D or Doctorate degree, but not in the short time. But i can't imagine of having for Ph.D degree from four different disciplinaries. I think i am quite happy with one Ph.D degree Evil Grin

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