Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Day: Couldn't Sleep

My first day of the trip was my way to China. I left Jogja at 4.30 using Garuda Indonesia to Jakarta with all the group from Jogja and Solo and cities around Jogja, such as Kutoarjo and Klaten. We arrived in Jakarta one hour later and we went to Hoka Hoka Bento to have dinner together at International departure terminal (2 E).

Around 11 PM, we were asked to go to boarding room and we left Indonesia to China around 11:50 PM. The trip to China took us about 5.5 hours and we were heading to Pudong International Airport in Shanghai where Xiang Xiang, our local guide picked us up at the airport. She can talk Indonesian language after learning about 8 months, which i think is very fast. During our flight, i couldn't sleep since i'm not used to long flight. My longest flight was when i went to Manado and at that time, it wasn't as long as this flight and i never take a night flight as well, so this was my first experience.

Our first trip was having breakfast because we reached Shanghai around 7 AM (Shanghai is one hour ahead of Jakarta). From the restaurant, we went to one of the biggest shopping place in Shanghai in Nanjing Road. It's a crowded place where people around the world gathered there to buy many items. We didn't have time to get it covered since it's very big place and you might get lost if you didn't pay attention about the entrance and the sign.

Netx, we took a photo session across the TV Tower, one of the tallest building in Shanghai. Then we went to Bar Street where there were so many cafes filled with expatriate in that place since that place was originally made by the France people when they invade China in the past. After that, we took a walk in Shanghai for a bit before finally we rested in our hotel.

That completes our first day in Shanghai.

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