Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sixth Day:Many Legends in Hangzhou

After spending two days in Huangshan, we left to Hangzhou which is the hometown of Xiang Xiang, our tour guide in China. She told us a lot of stories that happened in Hangzhou, such as the famous White Snake Legend and Xi Hu Lake. Hangzhou was once described by Marco Polo as one of the most beautiful and splendid cities in the world and one of the US president in the past only wanted to visited three cities in China, Shanghai (Center of Economy), Beijing (Capital), and Hangzhou (due to it's beauty). It is considered the most green city around China. There were a lot of plants around the streets and the air was so breeze as it has less pollutions.

We had a busy schedule this day since we visited so many places while we were in Hangzhou, including taking a trip on a boat around Xi Hu Lake, Dragon Well Tea/Mei Jia Wu Village, watching Songjen Show (Romance of Song Dynasty) which described five stories that happened in Hangzhou in a splending laser and real man show. I recommend you to watch this show if you have time to visit Hangzhou. You will be amazed and you will not regret it even though the ticket fee is quite expensive (around 250 RMB for VIP seat).

Our trip in Hangzhou was ended with a shopping session in He Fang Street as usuall and we went to our hotel to rest.