Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seventh Day: Water City of XiTang

After breakfast, we left Hangzhou and we were heading to Xitang, the oldest water city in China. The last Mission Impossible 3 was filmed around this city too when Tom Cruise ran in a crowded street full of people searching for his wife which has a bomb wired on her body.

Once we had lunch at Xitang, we went to a knife factory before heading back to Shanghai. We had to switch to another bus due to some problem on our bus. We left to Shanghai and on our way, we visited the medicine factory. We arrived at the evening and we headed to a shopping mall which mostly sold replicated items from famous brands, such as IPhone, IPad, Blackberry, etc.

Around 6 PM, we headed to Oriental Pearl TV Tower to see Shanghai from 263 m above the ground. It was splendid. You can see most of Shanghai from it and you can even sit on top of a thick wall and see the ground (don't do it if you are phobia of height). It was scheduled on our first day of the tour, but due to time constraint, the trip to TV Tower was re-scheduled.

We came back to our first hotel when we arrived in Shanghai at day one and take our time to rest before having a free day at the last day in China.

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